Why the National Weather Service is Ending “Advisories”

The National Weather Service has decided the hazardous weather bulletins currently known as “advisories” will be discontinued as early as 2024. The decision comes as a result of a multi-year initiative called the NWS Hazard Simplification Project, where meteorologists, social scientists, emergency managers, and others are trying to find a way to simplify the government-run weather service’s massive bulletin library.

The information currently distributed as advisories, such as winter weather advisories, will still be transmitted through what the NWS is calling “plain language text.” In other words, the notifications about potential weather hazards will still be distributed but they will not be categorized as advisories.

Currently, an advisory is one of the three main types of weather bulletins and are issues in conjunction with watches or warnings for severe weather.

The project is being headed up by Eli Jacks. As seen in this clip, he appeared on the Carolina Weather Group in 2019 to explain the project’s goal to simplify their products and reduce public confusion.

WATCH THE FULL SHOW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdSVhXr9G_A